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Health and Well-being​​​​​​​

As the children’s safety is paramount to us, at Broomwood, we always ensure that the children know who they can go to for help and advice within our school community. Every year, each class designs a helping hands display so that this is fresh within the children’s minds. This is also a key element of the Safety topic within this core theme. Knowing where to go for help is taught alongside how to keep themselves safe: within the local environment; in an emergency situation and online by becoming a good digital citizen. Growing and changing with age can leave the children with lots of mixed emotions, so this topic helps the children to understand some of those mixed and conflicting feelings whilst further understanding the changes that are happening to their bodies. Older children will learn how certain body types may be promoted unhealthily. A healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy mind, therefore the children are taught what constitutes a balanced diet and lifestyle. Explicit links are made to recognising drugs around the home that help us, as well as the effects of not so helpful drugs, such as tobacco and alcohol.