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Our big think

Our big think this term is 'What do I know about me?'


The autumn term is always super busy, we have lots of new names and routines to learn. For the first few weeks settling in will be priority to ensure all children have a high level of well being and involvement at school as when we are happy we feel relaxed and can make our biggest learning steps!

We understand that the start of reception is a big transition for many children so this topic is designed to support getting to know each other, making friends as well as learning about ourselves and families. Each week we will be learning about our 'Big think' through questions to prompt discussions. Our questions will be:

  • How am I the same? How am I different?
  • What makes a family? Where in the world do my family come from?
  • Why do I look like I do?
  • What I like best is…….?
  • What can I do with my body?