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Our Big Questions

Spring 2

This term we will be answering our 'Big think' question '...


'Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are'


This topic supports children's natural fascinations with space, we will be reading lots of different texts (both fact and fiction), using telescopes, learning songs, watching clips and much more to immerse children in the weekly questions as well as exploring their own interests and enquiries. 


We will build a space station in our classroom too! 


Each week will be look at a smaller question to learn in greater detail about the universe, stars and planets.


Week 1 - How many stars can you see in the sky?

Week 2 - What can you see in the sky at different times of the say? (We will also learn what an eclipse is).

Week 3 - Who has visited the stars?

Week 4 - What types of stars are there?

Week 5 - What planets surround our stars?

Week 6 - Do stars make patterns, what are there names?








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