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Reception Class Open Day from 10am on Friday 12th January 2018, please call us on 0161 912 5609 to book a place. We look forward to seeing you on the day.


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Our Big Questions (Topics)

Our big question during Spring 1 is how can we help Cinderella have a ball? Image result for godmother wand

During this topic we will be engaging in lots of magical learning! We will be reading the story of Cinderella as well as the story of Prince Cinders. We will learn a lot about the different characters in the book and talk about feelings and emotions. We will be thinking about different materials that would make a sensible dancing shoe for Cinderella. We will be making carriages and testing them out on a bumpy road. We will even be learning how to do ballroom dancing and prepare a perfect ball! Reception, I hope you have your dancing shoes ready! 


In Literacy we will be busy trying to apply all the phonics sounds we have learnt to begin to write simple captions. We will be writing ball invitations, lost glass slipper posters and even drawing designs for a modern castle for Prince Charming. We will begin guided reading sessions in class and start reading simple word and caption books. 


In maths we will be busy in our new shoe shop role play, measuring our feet and using language related to money. As we think about Cinderella needing to leave the ball for midnight we will be using clocks to develop our language of time . We will continue to practise our number recognition, formation and counting skills. 

Our big question during the Autumn term is 'is everybody's home the same?'

Image result for street of houses clip art

This term we are learning all about houses and homes. We will be learning about the types of homes that we live in as well as the homes that animals may have. We will be looking at who lives in a castle and reading Jack and the Beanstalk. We will also be learning about The Three Little Pigs and how we can help them build a home that keeps them safe from the Big Bad Wolf! We will even be thinking about what it would be like to live in a lighthouse! We will look at houses all over the world and how they are similar and different to the houses we see in our country.


In Literacy we will be focusing on lots of stories such as Sharing a Shell, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Pigs. We will be answering lots of questions about the stories and retelling them through play. We will be practising our name writing and start learning a letter sound a day in our phonics lessons. We will be learning to write letter sounds and practising how to correctly hold a pencil.


In Maths we will be singing lots of number songs and learning the actions. We will be developing our counting accuracy and matching numbers to ten to amounts. We will also be learning to recognise a range of 2D shapes.