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THANK YOU to Chantelle and all the team at TESCO for providing a brilliant FREE Easter Workshop for Reception through to Year 6 - the children loved it and we really appreciate all your support


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Our Big Question



To end our farm topic, we visited Stockley Farm. We had such a wonderful day despite the weather. Thank you to all the parent/carers who came along to help.

Fruit Kebabs


This week we have been thinking and finding out about what food grows on the farm. We read the story Oliver's Fruit Salad and talked about which fruits we liked to eat. As part of our D&T  work, we made our own fruit kebabs. We practiced using tools safely to chop and talked about how to  keep our bodies healthy by eating the right foods.

Where does my wooly jumper come from?


This week we have been learning about fabric and textiles and where they come from. We found out wool is made from the hair of sheep. The farmer gives the sheep a hair cut in the Spring. We found out wool is used to make lots of different things like hats, scarves, jumpers and blankets. Mrs Shah showed us how to knit and crochet and some of the things she had made from wool. We then used wool to make our own pom-poms.

Planting and Growing


We have been learning about growth and changes over time. We read the story 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and talked about what a plant needs to grow. We planed magic beans outside. We are waiting to see how tall they go, if we will be able to climb them, and if there is a giant in a castle at the top. At the end of the day we read Jack and the Beanstalk.

Our Stunning Start!


To start our farm topic we role played a visit to a farm. We put on our wellies and walked to Pre-School, where we watched a video called 'Spot on the Farm'. On the way back to Nursery we spotted animals and farm machinery and jumped in lots of muddy puddles! When we returned to Nursery we found a farmers picnic set up for us. We enjoyed jam sandwiches, crackers, apples and Percy Pig sweet treats!

What happens on a farm?


In Spring 2 we will be learning about farms. We will find out about the animals that live on farms, why we need farms, what farmers do, where our food comes from and how it grows. We will be finishing our topic with a trip to a real farm!


Keep checking back to find out what we have been finding out each week.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm | Nursery Rhymes

Which animals have you seen before?

What happens when we mix colours together?


This week Nursery have been exploring colour mixing on a large scale! We used powder paints, water and brushes to create colour puddles outside. Ask us what happened when the colours mixed together.

Which colours make me feel happy and which colours make me feel sad?


In Spring 1 we will be exploring colour. Keep checking back to see what we have found out.


Can I get rid of my Shadow?


This week we have explored shadows. We chased our shadows outside and made shadows with puppets in our own puppet theatre. We read the story 'The Dark, Dark Night' where the animals made shadows in the night time with lamps and watched lots of shadow puppet theatre shows on youtube. This inspired us to make our own puppets to create our own plays in the shadow theatre.

Where are the stars in the day?


This week we have explored what stars are, where you can find them and what they look like. We have sang the rhyme 'Twinkle Twinkle' and used props to help us remember different parts of the rhyme. We read the story 'How to Catch a Star' and from this had lots of exploratory and imaginative play building rockets and space stations. We were interested in astronauts and their job and read the story 'Bob, Man on the Moon'. Our dark area with torches was our favourite way to investigate why you can't see stars in the day.

Why Does the Owl Mummy Fly Away?


We found a baby owl in the Nursery outdoor area. We looked at books to find out where it might have come from, what it might eat and how to care for it. We read the book 'Owl Babies' and found about what owls eat and how they catch their food. We have enjoyed singing '5 Little Owls in a Hollow Tree' and 'Twit-Twoo'. 

Where does the day go at night? - Autumn 2


In Autumn 2 we are finding out what happens when day changes to night. We will be investigating the dark with torches, finding out about nocturnal animals, exploring shadows and finally thinking about what happens when we are asleep...did anyone hear jingle bells?!

Who Lives in Our House?


This half-term, we are thinking about who lives in our house. We will be thinking about our families, both immediate and extended and of course our pets! We will find out about our address and why it is important, and explore how letters and parcels arrive at our houses. The children will explore building materials and which are the most durable.



Re-telling 'The Three Little Pigs'

Still image for this video
The children used the available props to support their re-telling of the familiar tale.