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Mrs Stephani- Intervention/PPA


I currently work in Reception with Miss Fowler's class on a Monday morning. We have lots of fun in the cp areas and doing focus activities.

The topic this half term is all about Cinderella so we have been learning all about the story and doing lots of activities about the story. We work with Becky for some part of the morning learning how to dance and sing using the Cinderella music as a focus. The children are really enjoying this!

Watch this space for photographs!!!!                 


On a Monday afternoon I work in Pre-school. The current topic is all about sounds that we can hear. We have been doing lots of Art activities on a Monday. These include colour mixing, ,making bracelets by threading pipe cleaners with straws, rolling balls in paint for firework and making snowmen using mixed media.

We will be making musical shakers next week. Watch this space for photographs!

Year 2

This half term I will be teaching Year 2 SU class on a Tuesday afternoon. I will be teaching Religious Education which is all about comparing the Christian faith with the Islamic faith. The children have been showing lots of enthusiasm for this topic. We invited Miss Rose and one of our lovely parents into school to talk about their faiths and their special books the Bible and the Qur'an.

Year 1

On a Wednesday afternoon I work in Mrs Walton's classroom. I teach a range of subjects including handwriting, numeracy and RE. This half term we will be taking part in gymnastic lessons with an outdoor provider. The children will be learning all about balancing and moving with confidence. Watch this space for photographs.