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Key Information

Safeguarding statement

Broomwood Primary School is committed to the safeguarding of all its learners, staff and visitors. Safeguarding is a priority with arrangements in place to ensure learners feel, and are safe on school premises and during off site activities.

The learner experience and individual achievement are paramount and safeguarding initiatives are developed to impact positively upon this. The school ensures that safeguarding legislation and guidance are adhered to and taken into account when developing and revisiting policies, procedures and associated arrangements.

The school provides a safe physical environment for its learners and staff, ensuring that the premises are of a good standard. Health and Safety arrangements are in place to ensure adherence to current legislation and guidance.

Anyone who applies for a position at Broomwood Primary will be subject to recruitment and selection procedures designed to emphasise the school’s commitment to the safeguarding of its learners and staff. The procedures include questioning at the interview stage, verification of appropriate qualification, acquiring references, necessary safety checks and then on-going monitoring procedures.

Performance results for 2015-2016


  School data Floor target Coasting target

Average progress in


0.3 -5 -2.5

Average progress in


-1.4 -5 -2.5

Average progress in


1.1 -7 -2.5


                    School data                 National data

Average scaled score

in Maths



Average scaled score

in Reading

  101 103



% EXPECTED School data National data

% of children expected

in  Maths

77% 70%

% of children expected

In Reading

59% 66%

% of children expected

in Writing

85% 74%

% of children expected


54% 53%

% of children expected


74% 72%


  School data National data

% of children greater

depth in Maths

17% 17%

% of children greater

depth in Reading

20% 19%

% of children greater

depth in Writing

20% 15%

% of children greater

depth combined

10% 5%

% of children greater

depth in SPAG

27% 23%


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