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Reception Class Open Day from 10am on Friday 12th January 2018, please call us on 0161 912 5609 to book a place. We look forward to seeing you on the day.


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Safeguarding statement

Broomwood Primary School is committed to the safeguarding of all its learners, staff and visitors. Safeguarding is a priority with arrangements in place to ensure learners feel, and are safe on school premises and during off site activities.

The learner experience and individual achievement are paramount and safeguarding initiatives are developed to impact positively upon this. The school ensures that safeguarding legislation and guidance are adhered to and taken into account when developing and revisiting policies, procedures and associated arrangements.

The school provides a safe physical environment for its learners and staff, ensuring that the premises are of a good standard. Health and Safety arrangements are in place to ensure adherence to current legislation and guidance.

Anyone who applies for a position at Broomwood Primary will be subject to recruitment and selection procedures designed to emphasise the school’s commitment to the safeguarding of its learners and staff. The procedures include questioning at the interview stage, verification of appropriate qualification, acquiring references, necessary safety checks and then on-going monitoring procedures.

E-safety is a very important issue and at Broomwood Primary School we believe that it is important to ensure children know how to stay safe in all environments including when they are online using the internet. 


In school we teach about the importance of E-safety through our computing curriculum, anti-bullying videos and E-safety days. We also provide training for parents through an online training course which is available several times a year. 


Below are some links to information, advice and activities about how to stay safe and ensure children know how to stay safe online.  




Social networking

Although there are many benefits to social networking, it can also be dangerous, as children are not always aware who they are talking to. Social networking sites do have age restrictions. As a school we use Twitter to share information with parents and You-tube to share videos. Social networking sites have safety advice and have a report button, which should be used to report inappropriate use. 




You tube


Visit for the videos and tips on how to change privacy settings on all Social Media apps on both Android and Apple.  It is updated whenever there is a change in the way an app works and keeps up to date with new apps that are becoming more popular with children. 


Password security 

Password security is really important. It can ensure children can't get on to devices without your support. In addition, if your device was lost or stolen, a password would protect personal information and photos stored on your device.


Parental control

You may wish to add parental control software to your devices. Here is a link, which may be useful for this:


Digital Literacy 

Digital literacy is concerned with the effective use of technology to gather, use, summarise and evaluate information, enabling the user to create and communicate information. This includes understanding copyright, plagarism and data protection as well as knowing that not everything we find on the internet is true and that it must be validated. Here are some useful resources:


EYFS and KS1  A brilliant book about sensible sharing. Find out how Smartie the Penguin gets help. Hector teaches us how to keep our personal information safe. 

Netsmartz E-book about Webster Webster gives out his information, but does he recieve his game?

Captain Kara and Winston’s Smart Crew Captain Kara helps Year 2 children to keep safe online.



Password Rap Watch the password rap and learn how to create really good passwords.

Beaker you choose Tracey Beaker helps us to make the right choices online.

Cyber Cafe Visit the Cyber Cafe and learn how to be safe online

Alleyk@tz Video Watch a video about a band who fall foul of copy write issues.

Lee and Kim Lee and Kim help us to understand about who we might be talking to online.

Jigsaw A video for Key Stage 2 with simple lessons for staying safe online.

Zippep’s Astro Circus  Work together to play games, learning about Digital Literacy on the way.

Router’s Birthday SurpriseClicky’s Online Safety RapWay 2 Go Fun characters, games and raps.

Advice for teachers and parents An American resource, which shows you how to enable smart searching.

Disney Online Safesurfing game Mickey Mouse becomes a digital citizen and finds out how to surf safely online.