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Autumn Term: Who lives in my house?

Our topic for Autumn Term... 

Who lives in my house?

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During this topic the children will be learning about the people who are special to them! We will be exploring our big question by asking ourselves who brings me to preschool, who is special to me and who are my friends at preschool.

The children will have opportunities to bring in photos of their family to share with everyone at preschool, use chalk and paint to create peoples of the people who love in their house and begin to to act out experiences from own life in our home area.


This topic will focus on personal, social and emotional development particularly building relationships and beginning to share and play alongside each other.

In literacy our key text will be 'Do you want to be my friend?' by Eric Carl. We are using this text as it has lots of repetition which encourages the children to begin joining in with these repeated phrases.

In maths we will be learning and using language of size to describe everyday objects and starting to categorise familiar objects based on their shape or size.